Conserving National Scenic Trail
Recreational, Scenic, Natural, and Historical Values

Land Management Plan Reviews

Land Management Planning



WO - Forest Service

R1 - Northern Region - CDNST and PNNST

R2 - Rocky Mountain Region - CDNST

R3 - Southwest Region - CDNST and AZNST

R4 - Intermountain Region - CDNST

R5 - Pacific Southwest Region - PCNST

R6 - Pacific Northwest Region - PNNST and PNNST

R8 - Southern Region - ANST

WO - Bureau of Land Management

BLM Field Offices - CDNST

CDNST Field Offices:

National Park Service

CDNST Administration and Development Rights-of-Way Corridor Maps (16 USC 1246(a))

CDNST Major Land Acquisition Areas


Greg Warren
NST Planning Specialist / Alaska Planning




National Trails System Map

National Trails Map

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Maps and Waypoints
Bear Creek Survey Services, LLC

CDT Travel Routes

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