Conserving National Scenic Trail
Recreational, Scenic, Natural, and Historical Values

National Scenic Trail Planning

The National Trails System Act describes that, "National Scenic Trails...will be extended trails so located as to provide for maximum outdoor recreation potential and for the conservation and enjoyment of the nationally significant scenic, historic, natural, or cultural qualities of the areas through which such trails may pass... The use of motorized vehicles by the general public along any National Scenic Trail shall be prohibited...." Trails for America in the 21st Century directs that, "Federal agencies will, to the extent permitted by law and where practicable...protect, connect, promote, and assist trails of all types.... This will be accomplished by... protecting the trail corridors associated with National Scenic Trails...to the degrees necessary to ensure that the values for which each trail was established remain intact...." The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan states that, “The nature and purposes of the CDNST are to provide for high-quality scenic, primitive hiking and horseback riding opportunities and to conserve natural, historic, and cultural resources along the CDNST corridor.” The information presented on NSTrail.org offers guidance for understanding and preserving or enhancing the recreational, scenic, natural, and historical values of National Scenic Trails.

National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Planning

  • CDNST Comprehensive Plan (16 USC 1244(f)) [Word] [PDF] - Approved by Thomas L. Tidwell, Chief
    • Comprehensive Plan Transmittal Letters [FS] [BLM] [NPS] - Approved by Richard W. Sowa for Joel D. Holtrop, Deputy Chief
    • Federal Register - Notice of Final Amendments to Comprehensive Plan and Final Directives [Text] [PDF] - Approved by Associate Chief Hank Kashdan, Vol. 74, No. 191, Monday, October 5, 2009
  • BLM MS-6280 - Management of National Scenic and Historic Trails - September 14, 2012
  • CDNST Administration and Development Rights-of-Way Corridor Maps (16 USC 1246(a))

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